Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hello faithful readers! Sorry it's been a while since I've posted here, we've been bust with our 10th Anniversary Celebration and lots of other fun here at Anacapa Fine Yarns!

It's finally summertime, and I thought today I'd share with you guys some ideas for totes and bags you can whip up quickly for hauling around your swim gear, farmer's market finds, picnics, and more!

If you are into crocheting, here's a few  FREE patterns I've found

Summer Squares Beach Tote:

Spring Blossoms Market Tote:

4 Ball Market Bag:

And for you knitters, I found a few FREE patterns for you, too!

Everlasting Bagstopper:

Elisa's Nest Tote:

Grrlfriend Market Bag:

We've got lots of great cotton and linen blend yarns that would be great for any of these bags, swing by the shop soon!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Organize It - Needle and Hook Edition!

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday about organizing your stash! Today, let's get those needles and hooks organized!

If you have lots of circular needles, you can do like I do, and keep them in a 3-ring binder. I have a sleeve marked for each size needle, and I just slip them in the top and keep them all in one place! I just have to remember to put them back!

A similar idea would be to use that CD organizer that I'm betting you have in your Car!

This spool organizer would look cute hanging in your craft room!

If you've got a bunch of straight needles, find a cute vase or pot and display them! This would be great on a coffee table, or on your desk!

Here's a link on how to crochet a holder for your crochet hooks! Roll them up and keep them neatly in one place.

 Or get yourself a paintbrush roll and sort your needles out! One like this can fit crochet hooks, DPNs, and long straights.

And if you like the above idea but want to get a little fancy, we sell these silk knitting needle holders from Lantern Moon here at the shop, they look pretty and are super practical too!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Organize It - Yarn edition!

Hi everyone! We all know how awesome Pinterest is, and if you are not following Anacapa Fine yarns on Pinterest, you are missing out! We have so much fun over there!

Today I want to share with you some Yarn Storage ideas that I found while perusing Pinterest. If you (like me) have a big stash that needs organizing, here are some ideas!

A glass front cabinet keeps you yarn safe and sound, but you also get to look at all the pretty colors!

These shelves are organized with magazine racks, a great way to keep like yarns together!

I love this peg board, you can create beautiful wall art and keep your yarn organized at the same time!

If you have a LOT of yarn, do like this person and use Shoe Organizers! They are cheap and easy to use, great for your GIANT stash!

Check back with me later in the week when I will highlight ideas for organizing needles!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hi everyone! As I'm sure you are all well aware of, Mother's Day is just around the corner! If you need ideas on what to get your knitting or crocheting mom, or if you are a knitting or crocheting mom and just want to send this blog post to one of your kids, I'm hear today to share with you some of the fun new things we have in stock here at the store that you may like!

We just got these reading glasses in from a company called "Stuff You Love". They have knitting or crocheting designs printed on the frames and come with a matching glasses case, so cute!

Every knitter or crocheter could use more needles, and these sets from Knitter's Pride are so nice! We have interchangable needle sets and crochet hook sets.

These yarn bowls are handmade and are great for holding your yarn while you work away, and they come in lots of cute colors and styles!

These mugs from Knit Happy are another fun gift idea. Stick a Starbucks gift card in one and you have the perfect present for your mom who loves her coffee :)

I hope these ideas inspired you, and we hope to see you in the shop soon!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eweniversity Class Spotlight - Hearts! Hearts! Hearts!

Hi guys! We are days away from our Eweniversity so today is going to be my last post in this Eweniversity Class Spotlight Series, and today let's take a look at these adorable crocheted Hearts!

"1-2pm Hearts! Hearts! Hearts! with Elisa. Skill Level: Sheep
Flowers are out, hearts are in! We'll make a variety of crocheted hearts, ranging from a simple swirl to a multi-color masterpiece. Use them as decorations on hats, scarves, jackets; to patch the hole in those favorite jeans; as coasters, trivets or hotpads. Glue them to paperclips for fast, fun bookmarks. For the tiny amount of yarn and time they take, hearts make a big impact."

Our crochet instructor Elisa has already given us some great examples of things you can use these cute crocheted hearts for, and I bet they are SO FUN to make! You could make them all one color or multiple colors, use smaller yarn and hook and make little baby hearts, or big yarn and hook for giant hearts! I'm betting that the students in this class are going to have a blast!

If you are interested in registering for this or any of our Eweniversity Classes, give us a call! We hope to see you on Saturday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eweniversity Class Spotlight - Duplicate Stitch

Hi everyone! We are getting closer and closer to our Eweniversity and we are super excited around here! Today I'm going to talk about another great class on our schedule that's not full yet, and give you some examples on what you can use what you learn in that class for in your knitting life! Today we are going to talk about Duplicate Stitch.

5pm-6pm Room 2: Duplicate Stitch with Kaity. Skill Level: Sheep
"Duplicate stitch is a fun way to add a little something to a finished project. You can stitch any design onto knitted fabric, and in this class we'll practice with a little heart!"

Duplicate stitch is used to re-create the look of a knitted-in color design after-the-fact. You can knit a plain and simple hat, scarf, sweater, anything, then go back in after it's finished and add a little fun and color by stitching it on using Duplicate Stitch. It's a form of embroidery that you can use specifically on knitted items, and it's fun and easy to do! Here are some super cute pattern ideas that you can use your new found Duplicate Stitch skills on!

Dogosaurus Rex by Patons:
I made this dog sweater a couple of years ago for my mom's dog and duplicate stitched the little spots on it. My mom loved it and her doggie does too!

Warm Winter Mitts by Anna and Heidi Pickles:
These cute mittens are a simple stockinette stitch pattern, and the cute colorwork around the cuff is added afterward with Duplicate stitch. Make them to match your favorite winter coat!

Tulip Slouch by Allyson Dykhuizen:
Get LOTS of practice Duplicate stitching with this cute slouchy hat! The tulips are stitches on afterward, and I think this hat is TOO cute! I may need to make one for myself...

If you are interested in taking this fun Duplicate Stitch class, give us a call and register soon! We are going to have so much fun at our Eweniversity, we hope to see you there! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Eweniversity Class Spotlight - Judy's Magic Cast On

I hope you all are enjoying my series here on these great Eweniversity classes we have to offer, to check out posts from previous days, click below!
Day 1: Easy Circular Cast On
Day 2: Color Blocks
Day 3: Plarn o Rama

Today we are going to talk about Judy's Magic Cast On, which really seems to be magic!

3-4pm Judy's Magic Cast On with Karin. Skill Level: Sheep
"This is one of most versatile provisional cast ons, and my favorite for those times when I need to keep live stitches ready.  Besides working toe-up socks, you can use JMCO to work a hemmed edge, or for a top-down beanie, and many other applications."

If you need a cast on that results in live stitches on each side rather than just on the one, this is a great one to learn. It is also perfect as a provisional cast on. It's easy to use and easy to knit from. Most pattern you'll see that use it are toe-up socks, because it gives a neat and tidy invisible cast on at the beginning of the toe, but I wanted to show you some other projects besides socks that utilize it!

Cabled iPad Sleeve by haramis Designs:
Here the magic cast on is used along the bottom of the case to give a seamless look, and to eliminate the need to sew it up at the end.

Flat Pack by A. Karen Alfke:
This cute backpack pattern is from a book called "Beyond Toes" by Judy Becker; the inventor of Judy's Magic Cast On! Beyond Toes is all about projects that use this cast on in things other than socks, and we have this book in stock here in the shop, so if you take the class and want to try out this cast on with other things, there are a lot of great projects in it. Here's another from "Beyond Toes":

Leaves A Fall'n by Chris Church:

If you are interested in any of the classes I've been mentioning here, or any of the other great classes on our schedule, give us a call and register soon!